Ulvedharr is a metal band born in February 2011 and created by Ark that associated himself with three other musicians for the recording requirements.

Shortly after the birth of the band, Ulvedharr signed the first contract with the management agency Alpha&Omega and thanks to this new collaboration they released their first EP “Viking Tid”. Ulvedharr grown up soon and  just an year later they hit the international stage with the European tour as opening band of the Cattle Decapitation and the Blood Red Throne. In 2013 they released their first full lenght “Sword of Midgard” produced by Moonlight Records.

The band is able to reveal its maximum potential during the live performances and because of their great shows they received good success and reviews both from the audience and from the specialists in the field, and they gained the participation as opening act for Heidevolk and Skyforger at the Fosch Fest 2013. In 2014 Ulvedharr released the second full length “Ragnarok” produced by Nemeton
and they started a long and intense activities in the live concert field reaching the stages of the Metalitalia Festival and the True Metal Festival as opening band of some of the most relevant names in the metal international scene as Testament, Exodous and Unleashed.

The live performance activities didn’t stop and kept going so successfully  that Ulvedharr produced their second EP “Legion” and took part for the second times  in the Fosch Fest as opening band of Anthrax, At The Gates and Destruction.

After two years of intense and uninterrupted live performing activities the band recorded in February 2017 its third full length “Total War” composed of eleven pure old school death metal tracks mixing the influences taken from the Swedish Death metal,  the Teutonic Thrash Metal and the Northern Black Metal to build the more mature, violent and obscure work of this unstoppable Italian band. “Total War” is produced by Scarlet Records/Audioglobe.

In the same year the band shared the stage with Carcass, Marduk and Belphegor at Colony Open